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Financial Times
January, 2005

At Your Service

Architect: Despite the built-in charms of many of the houses in the Washington area, a lot of buyers these days move in with plans to renovate. The remodeling work ranges from the simple (adding a bathroom) to the ambitious (a three-storey addition) to knocking the whole thing down and start over. And, as Gossett says, even if previous owners had work done, "there's a [only] 50-50 chance they had good taste".

Washingtonian magazine has dared to compile a list of the area's top architects and remodelers, and the invaluable guide is available online. It should be said that, close to the downtown DC, there is not much new land left to be developed. The most interesting modern design work is going on in lofts in neighbourhoods such as Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle. A top name in that field is Abdo Development.


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