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A Washington developer has big plans for his tiny hotel
The Washington Post
May 19, 2016

Jim Abdo, 55, is a Washington developer whose firm, Abdo Development, has been a key player in the city’s residential and commercial growth over the past 20 years. He lives in the District with his wife and two children.

You’re building the Hive, D.C.’s first micro hotel. Why is everyone so obsessed with tiny living quarters?
I really think the genesis of that is coming from millennials. And millennials are a very interesting group to watch. Because if the term “less is more” ever really made sense, it is for this generation. And candidly, they’re right. This is a concept that absolutely makes sense, and it needs to be in the nation’s capital. I think it’s going to resonate with a lot of people. Just the other day, I came up with our new tag ­line.

What’s the tag line?
Hotel Hive. Buzz more, spend less.


And that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but it’s all good, here in D.C. Read more »